Lipofuze has taken the market by storm, because at least in part, nobody really knows anything about patented ingredients. I’ve seen people patent everything. All you have to have is something original, right?

Well, yes and no. When you’re talking about those infomercial products, you can quite literally patent anything, as long as it’s original, no matter how useless. It’s an easier way to sue people who try to steal your idea. But ingredients don’t work that way, and Lipofuze has 6 patented ingredients. For one thing, government people have prevented some ingredients from getting a patent, and it wasn’t because those ingredients were not original.

It’s because even in a more studied and developed form, ingredients like hoodia do not promote weight loss. Patented ingredients have to have studies of their own that prove that these ingredients are actually clinically proven to promote weight loss. So where does this leave Lipofuze?

What is Lipofuze?

Patented ingredients generally come from ingredients that have already been clinically proven, which is good news considering there are only 4 other clinically proven ingredients in Lipofuze, and there’s no reason to waste space. Why use an ingredient at all if it doesn’t actually promote any results? With this in mind, the 6 patented ingredients in Lipofuze (and there are patented ingredients that don’t burn fat, some do something else) can actually burn fat.

Some technically build muscle. But what you may not realize is that muscle increases metabolism technically burning fat. And it makes it much easier to maintain weight loss and look better. You won’t just be skinny, you’ll be toned. Do I have any complaints?

Technically, Lipofuze has caffeine, which may not be the best thing for some people. But then again, some like it for its energy promoting and fat burning properties. Go figure. Some people like results, even with mild side effects.

Lipofuze Conclusion

Lipofuze has ingredients that are obviously more impressive than the average. Ingredients have to prove something before becoming patented. I can say this because I know of quite a few ingredients that were rejected for that reason. But with all of this in mind, it’s important to say that this is not the only reason why Lipofuze weight loss pills work. Lipofuze just so happens to have the clinically proven amounts.