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Cancer Support on the Internet

5/23/11: Our live chat has been restored. As an alternative, you can also contact OncoChat users on Facebook.

Welcome to our home on the web. OncoChat is a real-time global support community for people whose lives have been touched by cancer. We don't offer medical advice or professional counseling. We do offer lots of hugs and understanding from people who share similar experiences and emotions. Not all of the people who visit us are cancer patients. Some are relatives, some are caretakers and some are just friends of someone who has cancer. All ages are welcome.

The chat is not always topical. Sometimes we talk about politics, our families, and life in general. However, please note that OncoChat is not a forum for religious discussion. Choice of faith is often too sensitive an issue for people who are fighting to survive.

We value our privacy. Please do not lurk or attempt to interview group members for research or other purposes. Our moderators will ask you to leave.

How to Chat

We use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) as our way of communicating with each other. You can find us on the OncoChat IRC network. There are two ways to join our chat. At first, the best way is to use the Web Chat. Later on, you may wish to use an IRC program or 'client'. This takes a little more savvy, but does provide you with some expanded options.

By logging onto our chat server, you willingly agree to the conditions of our Privacy & Usage Policy.

IRC Web Chat

You can chat directly from this website. This is the easiest way to join us.

First, think of a nickname. This is a single word that identifies you to other users. Then, click Chat Now!

Note: This IRC chat program is a Java applet. You may need to install Java software.

IRC Client Program

If you have an IRC client program installed, you can connect directly to the OncoChat IRC server.

Channel IP Address Port
#oncochat 6667

We recommend that you use mIRC (for MS Windows) or IRCLE (for Mac OS). Refer to IRC Program Setup for OncoChat.

MS Windows OS Macintosh OS
ChatZilla for FireFox and Netscape

If you have the ChatZilla client installed, CLICK HERE TO CHAT.

Information on this web site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment provided by health-care professionals. Any information pertaining to your health should be reviewed with your physician. Also, nothing beats real hugs! Services like OncoChat should only be used as a supplement to local support groups and counseling.

Talking with people helps. But, sometimes one needs to talk to the earth. The Mother of all things will -always- answer. - C. Gould, 1998

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